Monday, July 16, 2012

Rakyat Lubok Antu Tolak SWP !

LUBOK ANTU: Hasrat Presiden Parti Buruh Sarawak (SWP) Larry Sng Wei Shien yang berminat bertanding menentang calon Barisan Nasional (BN) William Nyalau ak Badak pada pilihan raya Umum Ke-13 nanti umpama ‘mencurah air ke daun keladi’.

Ini berkutan pengundi di Parlimen Pilihan Raya Lubok Antu bukan sahaja enggan memberi sokongan kepada calon dari luar Lubok Antu malah menolak sama sekali kaum lain mewakili mereka.

Larry dikhabarkan akan bertanding di Lubok Antu bagi berhadapan dengan Nyalau dan Andy Jackson menentang Masi Kujat di Sri Aman.

Timbalan Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Bahagian Engkilili Cr Bangkong ak Maweng berkata, rakyat di Parlimen Lubok Antu sudah masak dalam politik dan hasrat Larry hendak bertanding yang dihuni majoriti kaum Iban ini adalah ditolak sama sekali.

Menurutnya, pengundi Parlimen Lubok Antu ingin sekali melihat anak jati dari Lubok Antu yang menjadi wakil rakyat BN mewakili mereka.

Tambahan pula Larry mewakili parti SWP yang menentang kerajaan BN dan sudah pasti Larry tidak akan diterima sama sekali oleh mereka nanti, ujarnya.

“Kami di sini fobia  sama sekali apabila melihat calon luar bertanding di kawasan kami, tambahan pula Larry  orang luar dan pembangkang pula dan sudah pasti kami akan menolaknya,” katanya kepada Utusan Borneo, di sini, semalam.

Sehubungan itu Cr Bangkong mengajak pengundi di pilihan raya Lubok Antu agar tidak memberi undi sama sekali kepada anak Dato Sng Chee Hua itu sekirnya hasrtanya  hendak menentang Nyalau akan menjadi kenyataan kelak.

‘SWP ini bukan parti mesra BN seperti mana pemimpin mereka war-warkan tetapi ia adalah parti pembangkang dengan bertujuan untuk memesong fikiran kaum Dayak terutama Iban di kawasan pedalaman,” ujarnya.

Larry yang berkerunan Cina dan bekas Anggota Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Pelagus adalah berasal Kapit.

Sebelum ini Larry berhasrat  hendak bertanding menentang Timbalan Menteri Luar Bandar dan Wilayah Datuk Joseph Entulu Belaun di Selangau .

Tetapi hari ini sudah tidak kedengaran lagi apabila dikhabarkan mendapat  sambutan dingin dikalangan pengundi di Selangau.

Sementara itu Timbalan Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sarawak (SUPP) Cawangan Engkilili Cr Sibat Krutap menasihatkan pengundi-pengundi di kawasan Lubok Antu terutamanya Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Engkilili agar bersatu menentang Larry sekiranya dia hendak mencuba nasib bertanding menentang Nyalau  di Parlimen Lubok Antu.

Menurutnya,  pengundi di sini  harus menolak Larry ini yang bukan asal orang dari Lubok Antu.

“Kami bukan takut dengan Larry tetapi enggan orang luar menjadi wakil rakyat kami di sini,

Cukuplah kami alami di DUN Engkilili yang menyokong  bekas wakil rakyat Toh Heng San dari Song sebelum ini.

Ketika itu kami di sini menerima kritikan hebat daripada orang luar  Engkilili yang mengatakan apa orang di Engkilili tidak ada orang pandaikah apabila memilih Heng San ketika itu,” jelas beliau.

Sehubungan itu SUPP cawangan Engkilili akan menyokong Nyalau pada pilihan raya umum kali ini berikutan Nyalau bukan sahaja amat berkerjsama dengan Anggota DUN Engkilili Dr Johnnical Rayong anak Ngipa malah seorang yang rajin bekerja menjenguk rakyat di Lubok Antu.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Open Letter To Prof Andrew Aeria

Allow me to give my humble opinion on this issue of JLT which has caused a bit of a stir in our community. I am doing this because I know both  JJM and Mong and the people deserve to hear a balanced view on the issue instead of just taking Prof's view as the universal truth.

What we do not want is for people to unfairly misconstrued them as heartless politicians who had blatantly betrayed his people.  Take it from me they are not. Definitely nothing against OKU or those supporting the opposition. They know what is right and just within the helm of politics and they are very passionate in helping the people.

Obviously Prof had been misinformed or wilfully ignored the facts behind the real story. I won't want to dwell on the definitions of democracy or democratic rights but suffice for me to say that arguing from that perspectives is irrelevant in the context of Frusis's case.

The reason being that based on findings by the Welfare Department, he was deemed to be no longer eligible for the assistance. His income had exceeded the minimum criteria and thus rightfully withdrawn. He was informed by the department on the matter way before Dtk Mong wrote the letter.

Remember the issue here is on the withdrawal of the Welfare allowances and not so much on JLT which the opposition had spin to gain political mileage. The withdrawal would have been done with or without Mong's letter anyway.
He brought the matter to DAP sorely for political reason. To me it's defiant of the government on social welfare policies and subsidies.

That said, is it fair to label JJM and Mong as having violated International laws on Human Rights? I mean when the withdrawal is justified. Never mind the fact that the withdrawal was not because of Mong's letter.

You said 'it is dangerous thinking'. Honestly, do you really think that they were that cruel and stupid not to know what they were doing? Do not generalize the meaning of JLT.  It's just a local saying and  peculiar only to this case.

Of course Pakatan would spin the issue to their favour. They hid the truth and expecting the people to be fooled easily. They even sensationalized the issues by having the forum to get cheap publicity.

Well, what else can they do?

Please read the following link on Frusis to get a clearer picture on the issues. And Prof please reflect on what you have said thereafter. 

Click Here - Frusis Anak Lebi

Now who's cruel? Opposition who lied and confused the people or JJM and Mong who are concerned for the deserving poor and OKU?

Dayak Sarawak

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Conflicting Message!

Taib's Statement in Sarawak Tribune on 10 March 2012 " CM: New Party is bad idea". 
and Borneo Post " The more the merrier", seem to be contradict to each other!

What does Taib want to tell people of Sarawak????


Sunday, April 22, 2012


We have just learn that a new party was registered in Sarawak called the Sarawak Worker Party. Actually, even before this party registration was announced  the promoter of this party was already working on the ground as early as late 2011 and was confident that the party will be registered.

What bothered me most is that the Registrar of Societies IS NOT consistent in carrying out its work. There are so many application to register a political party that is outstanding that give me the perception that ROS is a political stooge of the BN. Why did the ROS allow itself to be held in such low profile by BN by acting as its political tool?

The hand that Taib played

It is very clear that Taib has a direct hand in the formation of this new party. Let us not dwell with SWP but more on the speculation behind the role of this party in the coming election. SWP has made it clear that it will contest in PRS seats but why?It has something to do with what is happening to the other three parties in Sarawak viz SUPP, SPDP and PRS and also the emergence of Pakatan Rakyat.

After the last state election PR emerged as a strong political force through the defeat of SPDP and SUPP. In the process PRS came out stronger losing Pelagus only and that has to do with an earlier political problems inside PRS with the eventual dismissal of Larry Sng.

What does this mean to Taib?

Taib cannot tolerate the emergence of a Dayak based party like PRS. Now PRS is the second largest party in BN. Taib wanted to see PRS destroyed. Taib has no fear in doing so because PBB is strong without PRS, SPDP and SUPP. Also it is impossible for the 3 BN component party to leave and join the PR because their agenda is so different and also the purse string of many individual YB is directly under Taib control.

For now Taib cannot appoint an additional Deputy Chief Minister because that would rightfully go to Dr. James Jemut Masing. SUPP Wong SK and Tan Sri William has bee n weaken by the G5. Since Tan Sri Jabu is a known quantity of being not a Chief Minister quality in the event that Taib dies in Office, other BN component have no choice but to support Dr. James to be the next Chief Minister, if he is made a Deputy Chief Ministernow. To put PBB in such a position and surrender a Muslim rule in Sarawak is totally not acceptable to Taib and UMNO. The move now is to weaken PRS and SPDP is now already weak.

The only party that remain strong is PBB and therefor PBB can dictate political play and influence. Who is PBB? It is UMNO proxy as Taib do not like to see UMNO coming in person to Sarawak.

Who is the best person to weaken PRS?

This is the logical answer and that is Datuk Sng. He has the motives to avenge his son’s dismissal from PRS and thus have to sacrifice his Ministerial position. The face saving cabinet level appointment given by Taib to Larry as Youth Adviser to the State Government is not as sweet as to be in the cabinet.

Now SWP is targeting PRS Parliamentary seats and where does the money come from? There are many sources from where the money come from and not limited to Datuk Sng own resources but from relative and powerful political friends that has the interest to see a weaken PRS.

Therefor the act of “wanting to be called the BOSS” is simply premature and not in line with democratic practices. It will become clear from now that Dr. James may not want to say too much against SWP. If he says too much he will be punished more by his “boss” because he has sold his soul and dream to BN. Where will Dr James and Entulu stand politically if they are to leave BN? No way at all.

In the coming State election SWP will gun down on PRS State seats and Dr. James life would never be easy being “The BOSS”.


For Dayak, especially those who are still supporting BN you may need to review your position knowing very well that Taib is not in favor of seeing a strong Dayak based party. Please join one of PR party and you will not regret your decision because PR has a better plan for Sarawakian and to develop Sarawak through an increase oil and gas royalty of 20%.

Ubah meh for the sake of Malaysia future.

source artical :


Friday, April 20, 2012


Sng Chee Hua (people behind SWP)

PRS members are questioning the untimely decision by ROS to approve Sarawak Workers Party's (SWP) registration when the other 5 political parties who also applied were not.

Why SWP, when it has openly declared its intention to fight only PRS, a Dayak based party and a BN component in Sarawak. Why now when GE is just round the corner?? Is there any hidden agenda? Or are there people envious of PRS gaining in strength and support from the Dayaks?

PM Najib has been all this while advising BN components to be united in facing our common political enemies, the Pakatan Rakyat. Any form of sabotage he argued would effectively weaken the BN.
George Lagong (people behind SWP)

Report has it that the Sng's family is behind SWP and definitely Larry Sng is involved whether directly or indirectly. Larry is the State Youth Affair Advisor to the Chief Minister. Is this not sabotage if he is involved? If he is really deemed good why not channeled his time and energy to help SUPP a Chinese based party which is in severe threat from DAP?? Why meddle in Dayak's areas? Why attack PRS seats only? Should BN condone this conduct??

It was just recently that Tan Sri Adenan a State Cabinet Minister, in a dialog with Sarawak UMB warned component parties against sabotaging each other. Why is this still happening?

Tan Sri Mawan in the Borneo Post today (20 April 2012) said BN's war is against the oppositions not amongst BN itself.

Larry Sng (people behind SWP)